Booking Terms and Cancellation Policy

By reserving with FG Properties, you agree to be bound by the terms of our lettings agreement. Before booking, please ensure you have read and understood the term of this contract.

Reservation & Payment

Bookings are only secured once the applicable booking amount has been processed in respect of any kind of reservations. We reserve the right to decline any booking on the owner's behalf prior within 24 hours of the booking being made. All subsequent outstanding amounts due in respect of your booking must be settled by the applicable due date. Failure to do so may lead to the loss of your booking and forfeit of any amounts paid in respect of it. Please review your reservation and make sure all the information including check in and check out dates are correct. You may be asked to pay a security deposit amount for certain selected properties. We accept Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Electronic Funds or Electronic Checks. Please be advised that we charge a 3% card transaction fee as standard to cover processing fees charged to us.


Rates, terms and applicable taxes are subject to change without notice. Post-tenancy cleaning fee of £40 for studio, 1 and 2 bedrooms; £50 for over 3 bedrooms to be added to the booking amount at the time of reservation. Guests must comply with the booking conditions set out in the property description. We reserve the right to (i) refuse access to the rental property for failure to comply with these conditions and (ii) verify clients' ages on arrival to ensure compliance with the minimum age requirements. We reserve the right to move Guest up to 30 days in advance to a comparable property or refund the Guest the amount paid.

Key and Security Deposit

A Refundable Key and Security Deposit of £300 is required to be pre-authorized on your Credit Card on arrival/check-in at the Reception Desk. On arrival the apartment will be in full working condition. Any current damage will be pointed out to you. If you notice any damage to the apartment that we are not aware of, please advise let us know within 24hrs of your arrival. Guests are liable for all damage/breakages caused by their action or the actions of the children for whom they are responsible. If any damage is found on or after departure, it will be reported to you for further action. Your Security Deposit will be untouched if the apartment is undamaged and left in a condition adherent with the terms and conditions. Guests must return all keys or they will be liable for replacement costs, including any changing of the locks required for security reasons.

Smoking, Pet and Quiet time Policies

All our apartments are non-smoking and pet-free. For your health and enjoyment, we have assigned all our accommodations to be non-smoking and no pets are allowed. A £300 Smoking Fine will be charged if you smoke inside the accommodation. You may smoke outside the accommodation but are responsible for picking up and disposing of your cigarette butts. A Pet Policy Violation fee of £200 will be charged if we find any pet or its evidence in the property.
Quiet Time is 11:00 pm through 8:00 am. If we receive a noise complaint from neighbouring residents or guests arising from excessive noise after 11:00 pm or before 8:00 am, FGPM may at its sole discretion charge you a £200 Noise Fine. FGPM has a zero tolerance for any noise disturbances caused by guests. Please respect the quiet enjoyment of your neighbours!

During Your Stay!

Please treat the apartment as if it was your own home. All apartments are privately owned and are many owners home away from home. In particular, a few obvious ones below.

  • Please do not to flush anything other than toilet paper down the toilets.
  • Please do not to pour fat/oil or large amounts of food waste down drains.
  • Out of respect for following guests, beds are not to be slept in without linen. We provide adequate bed linen for all our booking guests. If linen is not used, a charge of up to £50 per bed will be imposed to cover laundering of bed covers and pillows.
  • All apartments are non-smoking and pet-free.
  • No shoes or ski boots are to be worn on any furnitures in the apartments.
  • Please keep the noise to a minimum between 11pm and 8am, particularly in apartment building public areas.
NB. Please be aware that if the above is not adhered to additional charges will be withheld from your security deposit.

Departure Instructions - Cleaning & Vacating the Property

Check-out for all apartments mostly take place between 9am to 11am. However, we will neen to know your plan for check-out, so that we can organise the key pick-up accordingly.
A damage inspection and inventory check will be carried out after your check-out. Before your departure, please ensure to leave the apartment in the following condition:

  • Tidy - any items used or moved to be placed back to where they were found originally.
  • Dishes washed properly and put away neatly.
  • Oven, microwave and hobs cleaned thoroughly.
  • Beds stripped with dirty linen/towels placed in a pile (leaving protectors on beds).
  • Fridge emptied.
  • All rubbish removed from apartment and placed securely in the bin bags inside the apartment.
NB. Please be aware that if the above is not adhered to an additional £20 per above item will be charged to your security deposit. Equally if the apartment is left generally unclean, beyond what is reasonable a suitable amount will be taken from your deposit.

Payment Terms and Check in/out times

Our standard check-in time is 2pm-6pm and check-out time is 9am-11am. We'll try to be as flexible as possible. All check-ins will take place at our partner City Relay's Reception Desk, which is very close to Earls Court tube station. Upon arrival at the reception desk, we will provide a folder with all flat instructions, direction to the flat, tube maps etc. and the keys to your booked apartment. The reception desk is open from 9am til 6pm, 7 days a week. Please be aware that any check-ins out of office hours (Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm) will incur a £50 fee. For security reasons, you are requested to provide the confirmation email of your booking, your credit / debit card used for the initial payment and your photo ID - during your check-in for pre-authorisation of the reservation.

Works in the City

Whilst every effort is made to ensure that your stay will be a pleasant one, the nature of living in global cities living means we cannot guarantee that maintenance or construction works will not be on going in either nearby properties or streets. If we have prior knowledge that any such works will be undertaken at times which might cause unreasonable disturbance to your stay, we will of course notify you in advance and, should you wish, endeavour to either relocate you or offer compensation at the end of your stay following agreement with the relevant property owner. And finally, all our properties are professionally cleaned and inspected before and after each rental to ensure that all guests have a clean comfortable stay.

If you experience any problems whatsoever with the vacation property during your stay, please contact us! and we will do our best to rectify the matter as soon as it is practically possible.

Should a problem remain unresolved, you are required to notify us in writing within 7 days of your return. No action can be taken or liability accepted for any complaints received after this period. We aim to resolve complaints within a two month period from receipt, the details of which will be kept confidential to only the parties involved.

Cancellation Policy

After you make your booking, you can cancel it within 24 hours and receive a full refund. Thereafter, all amounts paid in respect of a booking are non-refundable, except in the event that: (i) the property becomes uninhabitable prior to the start of the tenancy through fire, flooding or other force majeure event, (ii) the tenancy is unable to proceed following notification by the relevant property owner, such owner being aware of his obligations to let his property once you have paid a deposit in respect of a booking, or (iii) we are able to re-let the property over the applicable dates. We strongly advise clients to take out adequate travel insurance against having to cancel and protect against potential ensuing losses. Cancellation of the booking must be submitted to FG Property Management by e-mail who will confirm receipt thereof. A request to reduce the term of the booking will be regarded as a cancellation. Below is the FG Property Management Cancellation Policy that can be considered in the above case, except fees:

  • If a guest cancels their booking up to 2 months before their check-in, they receive an 85% refund.
  • Strict: up to 1 month before check-in, they will receive a 50% refund
  • any cancellation after one month within the check-in, there is not refund.

Severe Weather

We do not refund rents or deposits lost due to cancelled or shortened stays because of weather. Departures due to inclement weather do no warrant refund of rent or deposit. We suggest Vacation Travel Insurance during the hurricane seasons.

Falsified Reservations

Any reservation obtained under false pretence will be subject to forfeiture of advance deposit and/or rental money and the party will not be permitted to check-in.

Guest agrees to indemnify and save our company harmless from all liability, loss or damage arising from any nuisance or harm made or suffered on the premises by the tenants or guests or from any carelessness, neglect, or improper conduct of any person entering, occupying or visiting the premises. We accepts no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage or alteration to the terms of your reservation caused by events beyond our control, including but not restricted to war, terrorist activity, civil commotion, flight delays or cancellations, airport closures, loss of luggage, adverse weather conditions, fire flood, or industrial dispute. We cannot accept any liability for failure of public supplies such as water, electricity, Internet or breakdown of the air conditioning system. Nor for the consequences of the action or omissions of persons who may control or supply main services, or any actions taken in the vicinity of the property reserved, by any authority over which there is no control.

We cannot accept any liability for your personal safety during your stay. It is particularly important that children are supervised at all times in and outside the vacation property. We assume no responsibility for any accidents. You are reminded to exercise care as to your personal safety, and the safety of your companions. Whenever possible, valuables should be left secure and out of sight.


By booking with FG Property Management (FGPM), you agree, to the extent permissible by applicable law, that FGPM, its officers and employees shall not be liable for any loss, injury or damage suffered by you or anyone connected to you in respect of any lettings enquiry or tenancy arranged by us, including any tenancy failing to proceed following payment of a booking deposit, provided such failure does not occur through any act or omission on behalf of FGPM, its officers and employees.

These Terms of Business are subject to change by FG Property Management.

FG Property Management is a private limited company registered in England & Wales; registration number 7961409.

Country of Merchant Domicile: United Kingdom.

Further Questions

If at any time you would like to contact us with your views about our privacy practices, or with any enquiry relating to your personal information, you can do so by emailing us at or call us +44(0)2079938629.

For information on these, please refer to our FAQs, which also form part of our terms of business where relevant.